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Choosing an X-Golf Franchise

from the CEO Ben Styles

‘X-Golf is about the progression of golf through entertainment, connectivity, inspiration, community and innovation. These are more than aspirations and, combined with the mindset ‘yes’, form the foundational priorities that shape decisions across every aspect of the business. Every day I pinch myself when I am driving into the office that I get to work in sport with the best people helping the best franchisees serving the best customers on the best golf simulators in the world.

Employees often tell me that X-Golf is the greatest place they have ever worked and that is because decisions are made as collective and every idea is discussed until there is a clear direction to move forward with. I am a big believer that work is a huge part of our lives so the workplace needs to be an extension of ourselves and that’s what we focus on when recruiting and supporting franchisees.

If you’re passionate, have a positive attitude towards life and enjoy being part of a collective working towards revolutionising sports entertainment in Australia, then I look forward to creating a special business with you soon.

Like so much else at X-Golf, it’s not enough to just play the game. At X-Golf, we lead and as we challenge ourselves to always do better and think bigger, we can and will create the future we want to see.’

Ben Styles CEO X-Golf

“I am a huge lover of Sport and have spent most of my working life contributing to the game of golf and I absolutely love it! Being apart of a sport for so long you get to see the intricacies of what makes golf tick.

I am not talking about the four golf Majors, Tiger Woods or TaylorMade I am talking about golf economics.”

CEO Ben Styles

the answer is simple yet complex

Golf as a traditional game has been unwilling and inflexible to change…

That’s where we come in.


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Being an X-Golf Franchisee...

Being a franchisee of X-Golf has been a great experience.  Working within the X-Golf franchise family has provided us with the tools and support that we needed to get on the right track to succeed.  X-Golf is a unique business model, thankfully we’ve always felt that we were part of a bigger family.  Innovation within the framework of the franchise model is encouraged which allows for continual growth and improvement of the model as well as the brand. 
Alex Makkreel-X-Golf Franchisee Geelong Victoria
Alex Makkreel
X-GOLF Franchisee-Geelong

X-Golf at a glance

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+ Franchise opportunities across another 40 territories


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Over 200,000

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